15. Textbook Comparison

In the future what I want to do is maintain a table of all textbooks related to SDR, and have notes about how they compare to this textbook in terms of level of prerequisite knowledge required, and whether they are hands-on, and what languages/software they incorporate.

But for now, below is a list of all SDR textbooks I could find, some are pretty obscure.

  1. SDR for Engineers, by Analog Devices (Travis F. Collins, Robin Getz), 2018
  2. SDR: For Amateur Radio Operators and Shortwave Listeners, 2016
  3. SDR: Origins, Drivers and International Perspectives, 2002
  4. SDR: Architectures, Systems and Functions, 2003
  5. The Hobbyist’s Guide to the RTL-SDR: Really Cheap SDR, 2015
  6. SDR: The Software Communications Architecture, 2007
  7. SDR using MATLAB & Simulink and the RTL-SDR, 2015
  8. Field Expedient SDR: Introduction to SDR, 2016
  9. The ABCs of SDR, 2012
  10. SDR: Enabling Technologies, 2002
  11. SDR: Baseband Tech. for 3G Handsets and Basestations, 2004
  12. Rf and Baseband Techniques for SDR, 2005
  13. Implementing SDR, 2012
  14. RF and Digital Signal Processing for SDR: A Multi-Standard..., 2008
  15. SDR Software Defined Radio, 2017
  16. Computing Platforms for SDR, 2016
  17. Digital Communication Systems Engineering with SDR, 2013
  18. An Intro. to HF SDR: SDR for Amateur Radio Operators 2014
  19. Telecomm. Breakdown: Concepts of Comm. Transmitted via SDR, 2003
  20. Digitally-Assisted Analog and RF CMOS Circuit Design for SDR, 2011
  21. SDR for 3G, 2003
  22. SDR: with GNU Radio and USRP, 2008
  23. PMR446 SDR: Long distance communication using GNU Radio..., 2013
  24. SDR: From Smart(er) to Cognitive, 2011
  25. SDR: The Software Communications Architecture, 2013
  26. The ARRL Handbook chapter 8: DSP and SDR Fundamentals, 2019