15. About the AuthorΒΆ

Dr. Marc Lichtman is a wireless communications researcher who specializes in SDR, machine learning, LTE/5G-NR, and spectrum sensing. He holds an Adjunct Professor position at the University of Maryland, where he created and taught a course that this textbook is based on. His course was targeted towards CS undergrads interested in SDR/DSP, and was a senior year elective. His experience teaching this course lead him to better understand how to teach incredibly heavy material to students who were great programmers but had little-to-no PHY layer knowledge going in, and how to keep it engaging. A beginning of class mini-hackathon was not uncommon during the semester, where students had to find or decode hidden signals (transmitted by Marc) using what they had recently learned.

Marc is also one of the leads for the GNU Radio project , an open source SDR framework that is widely used in academia and defense related research. While Python is great for learning, rapid experimentation, and development, it does not lend itself well to large and computationally complex apps. GNU Radio can act as a good stepping stone for more advanced DSP apps, and a GNU Radio app or individual block is very easy to share with others.

Marc currently lives in the DC area with his wife Lindsey and their many cats and dogs. His hobbies include woodworking, lasercutting, playing clarinet/sax, sailing, gardening, building/flying drones, building/riding electric skateboards, and advanced yo-yoing. Oh and of course playing with the pets.